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Hi there ladies!

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1Hi there ladies! Empty Hi there ladies! on Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:13 pm

Well, today is the first day, that i have actually felt like a real live human being, although my nose is still a bit runny, it was clear for most of the day today, until the sun went down. I have been taking those antibiotics, and today was the first day that i have felt like smiling in days, even having to work when i was ill. That was very hard on me, and even though i am still a tad bit congested, i feel alot better.
I got out today,and went to Petsmart, and bought Rudder his doggie food, along with two cheap plastic frisbees, that he demolished in under 10 minutes, and i just laughed, and laughed at him. I also got him a tug rope, and he loves it. Rudder
Anyways, i am sitting here , listening to Robert snore, and he is boring me to death, and acting like an old fuddy duddy- completley boring, and reminding me of a grandpa- sheesh , thats right, he is one.....lord have mercy upon me! Taylor, has called me bored to death, and heartbroken ,because a boy she likes,stood her up today, and was supposed to go together to see the Dallas World Aquarium. She was heartbroken. I hate that, and told her that boys can be horrid at times.
I broke down today ,and bought me a new cell phone as well, figured that i needed it, starting my new job, going back and forth to work, and also driving the distance that i do to Sulpher Springs and back, and also for emergancies. Its a pay as you go phone, through Virgin Mobil/ Sprint, i just didnt want to sign another darn contract for no one.
Well the weather has been lovely here today,and i hope that it has been nice for you ladies as well. I miss talking to all of you, and hope to talk to you all again soon.

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2Hi there ladies! Empty Hope you are feeling better... on Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:24 am


Tammy so glad you are feeling a bit better... dont you just love the aminals... we have a 15 yr old chow/wolf mix that charlie has had since she was a pup... she is getting a bit senile though but still can get around and do her business outside..... she just looks at you from time to time like "what was i doing ??" and we have 3 cats 2 from babies that are now 7 bro and sister, they are a mess and a yearling that we took in after her sister got splatted on the street... we are getting her fixed as soon as i can cause she is coming into heat and driving up crazy....So you work in Sulfur Springs... i lived there years ago when my father was transfered to the AP Green brick plant was in Como but i went to school in Sulfur Springs..... from what i can remember the town was a lot like where i live now ...we were Missouri ppl and used to cold winters with snow and that was surely different ... Jennifer/fabric-maniac

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3Hi there ladies! Empty Re: Hi there ladies! on Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:32 am

hey tammy good to see you! glad things are going well for you..

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