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car problems for the kid

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1car problems for the kid Empty car problems for the kid on Thu Feb 05, 2009 12:34 pm

broke down with her on the highway yesterday..her transmission wouldnt we are on a hilly road doing all of 20 miles an hour..I told her to stop and had her dad come and take care of it and drive it took a quart of transmission fluid and 2 bottles of heat and some manual minipulation to get it to go faster than 20 miles an hour..her dad said her vacumm booster is another 300 bucks down the drain..its a shame its only 22 years old and never had any problems and very low miles..that car was her 80 year old grandparents..

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2car problems for the kid Empty dang on Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:53 pm


dont you just hate it when the car breaks down???? and so young too .......haha but hey its a good well built car not like the plastic ones now a days....... hope you can get it going again i know how hard it is to share vehicles............(no one knows how to drive my truck its a stick) so i dont have any problems with them wanting to borrow it ....and when i do get to use the car i am looking for the gear shifter and beating the floor for the clutch.... Jennifer/fabric-maniac

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