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Good Morning

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1Good Morning Empty Good Morning on Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:44 am

And i actually have managed to find the time to stop by this morning , before i get so busy today with running errands, and cleaning house.
I have been so busy over the past month, that i just dont know where to start telling all of you what has been going on, and what the heck i have been through.
Where to start, hmmm, lets see.
Ok, with the bad news first i guess, so i can get it over with- Last month, Robert had to go to court for his little escapade last year, getting caught drinking and driving. Well, it caught up with him finally, this past month, and he has to go and report in on the 10th of April, and he is going to court, and then to jail ,for 8 to 9 months. Its his own fault, really for doing such a stupid thing, because the DUI laws are really strict here in Texas. So i have come to realize, that oh holy crud, i am going to be living on my own, for the rest of the year, with rent to pay. Sheesh, its a good thing that i have found a job.the up side, is that i also will be going to work part time on Saturdays as well, for another home hospice care company, doing theyre filing, and office work for a little extra money. its really going to come in handy.
My new dog i got, well i had to put him down last week, and we only had him for 4 months. he had began to get sick on us, and wouldnt eat, and first we thought Parvo, or he had eaten something,and had a blockage in his intestine, well neither was the case.He wound up having inflamed intestines, from a previous injury he had gotten before we got him, and also the vet found a tumor in his pancreas, and the vet said that he could have taken out the small intestine, but the dog wouldnt have come out of surgery the same, and it would have become ongoing proceedures if he had, so we just went ahead, and had him put down. this past month, has been super hard on me, let me tell you.
The good news, is that i love my job, and that i took my motorcycle class,and passed with flying colors. I went down to the dps the following day and passed theyre test as well,and now am a bonified motorcycle momma! I can actually ride a bike, and Robert has left his harley to me. I will be riding on my days off, on Sundays, and in the evenings, and thank goodness theyre is going to be a time change this weekend, because it will be lighter outside at night, after work.I will also be playing darts on Wednesday nights, until summer gets here. Then, its riding,and Mandatory with my bike chapter on Memorial day weekend, going out of town to San Saba. I am looking forward to that, let me tell you.
Well, i am putting off work, so ive got to go and get it done. I will check back in with all of you this evening, if i have time.Robert talked about chapter hopping this eveing, and riding while it is nice, and i sure am going to take advantage of it.

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2Good Morning Empty Re: Good Morning on Sat Mar 07, 2009 4:02 pm


Sorry about all the stuff going on but congrats on the jobs and that you will be riding when you can.. I know its hard being on your own but you can make it you are a tough gal and you will do fine.... Glad to see you stop by and hope to see you here again soon, Thinking about you Jennifer/fabric_maniac

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3Good Morning Empty Re: Good Morning on Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:08 pm

Illinois DUI laws are very stiff too. And their smoking laws are becoming ridiculous. I quit when I got so sick but I still think they are getting down right stupid. Good luck girl with your independence. And RIDE ON!!

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4Good Morning Empty *** Tammy*** on Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:35 pm

Hi Tammy good to hear from you..... Blast about Robert though. You hang in there girl I know you will be able to cope. They say the good Lord gives us no more than we can handle, Mmmmm I do have to wonder sometimes.

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