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thank god its the weekend

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1thank god its the weekend Empty thank god its the weekend on Sat Apr 18, 2009 9:48 am


boy o boy the last couple of weeks have been the pits...... we emplimented a new computer system at the hospital 2 weeks ago and we are still working the bugs out of the system.... me being a super user i sure am tired of all the bitchin... we have also been dealing with the failing health of our dog .we had to put her to sleep on tuesday of this week , she had bone cancer in her hip and it had mets to her lungs... we had her on pain meds and she was doing better at getting around but took a tumble or two and then she couldnt use her back legs at all... we sure are lost without her...she was 15 so had a good life and as far as we know she had outlived all her other kin....but its still hard to lose a fur member of the family

i know that this place isnt as hopping as we would have liked it to be i guess that new isnt always better but i am trying ....
Connie i have missed you and Kathy on the trivia boards hope that you all come back soon.... Well its laundry day for me so i had best get to it..... hugs to all you ladies.......Jennifer/fabric_maniac

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2thank god its the weekend Empty Re: thank god its the weekend on Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:15 am

laundry day here to today also..but whats new with that it is everyday..I made home made bread yesterday and somehow I killed the yeast for the second rising..shit! Im sorry to hear about your dog..Its always hard to say goodbye to a good cat had 4 kittens on easter so here she is in a pet carrier leaving them only to take care of her own personal things like food ..shes a good mom and I wont let her move her kittens in the attic where she had planned..other than that still broke and miserable on the farm..

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3thank god its the weekend Empty Sorry........ on Sun Apr 19, 2009 8:00 pm

To hear you have lost your dog, it is so sad to lose a pet. I am not doing much right now but I think I will be very busy soon. My Mum has just been told she has cancer, we are all a bit sad just now.

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